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About the project

This was the first client with whom we, as an agency, were involved in work at such a level and with such budgets. We were integrated at the design and concept stage. We worked in a team with the architectural bureau and the owner, choose furniture for the interior and water purification systems, the color of the walls to be pained and the material for the floor. We were completely in the project. From an idea to a working marketing strategy. For over 2 years we have been working daily on the image, atmosphere and service of "Human". Our team was engaged in the selection and training of personnel, wrote scripts to employees and up to the present day provides advises to the complex on marketing issues.

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HUMAN is a fitness space in the Dnipro with a total area of ​​5000 m² and 4 floors. There is a 720 m² gym, own healthy food restaurant, swimming pools, SPA zones, a nutritionist, beautician, hairdressers and children's sports sections. It is the epicenter of beauty and self-love expression.

# the best exercise equipment in Dnipro for cardio, crossfit, free weights

# own kitchen of healthy diet with the ability to eat in the hall, take with you and even order catering

# original interior design

# 7 minutes from the city center

# the opportunity to spend time with the whole family. You are in your zones, kids are with qualified children's trainers in the children's area

# 2 outdoor soccer fields and 2 indoor

# 5 indoor tennis courts and 3 outdoor

# 100 parking spaces

On the first floor there is an office for sports testing, nutritionist, cosmetologist and a hairdressing salon for 2 chairs. In the same place there are showers, changing rooms, a children's room and a showroom with sportswear and accessories. On the second floor there is a SPA area, changing rooms and a restaurant "Nagori". Author's recipes for tasty and healthy food, 48 seats or a quick take away. On the third floor there are squash courts, 720 m² gym, cardio and crossfit area. The top floor has a balcony for squash, yoga studio and children's fitness.

Are you impressed? We are too! In this complex you can fall in love with sports, with healthy regular diet and again with yourself. All conditions have been created for this. The staff undergoes special training, testing and only then starts working with the guests of the center. There is an opportunity to train both in groups and personally with a trainer.

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With this client we faced the following tasks:

# we needed to fully implement the project from scratch

# create branding

# propose naming and slogan

# develop positioning

# develop a corporate identity

# build customer service and train staff

# develop and implement merchandise

# determine key message

# create key visual

# go into production

# develop and conduct an advertising campaign for the opening of a fitness space

We wanted to tell you that this sports space is primarily about a person. HUMAN is a person, his spiritual strength, growth and development, his health and beauty. We positioned this brand as a space for a new, better life for every guest. The foundation of philosophy is Sport, Food, Life. Because we take up sports and choose healthy food for a better life. The slogan is "The key to yourself". With this we conveyed the main value of the business — the key to ourselves as a beautiful, healthy and happy person. Because everything that we need for beauty and health is already in ourselves. You just need to pick up the key.

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In the logo, we symbolized the unity, protection, energy, fortitude and personalization of each person. Metaphorical and minimalistic.

We developed an advertising campaign, which we called “42 Steps on the Way to Yourself”. These are 42 plots in video and photo format with swimming, squash, tennis, fitness coaches. They are all about the decisions that we make on the way to ourselves. The heart of our advertising campaign is a viral video featuring blogger Anna Alkhim.

In addition, we have come up with an author's desktop scratch card for daily motivation. The campaign for the Human fitness space included outdoor advertising, radio, work with bloggers and a full-fledged advertising campaign on the Internet. Plus — additional materials — articles, motivational audio jingles.

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