Opening of "Human"

Location in 5 days, warehouse and luxury buffet


Про проєкт

About the project

HUMAN is a space for leisure and sports in Dnipro. Four-storey health and beauty complex, 5000 m² for a gym with the best equipment in the city, swimming pools, SPA area, squash and tennis courts, football fields and children's areas for games and sports. There is everything for the whole family. On September 25, 2016, our team held an event in honor of the official opening of the club. It was challenging, risky, adventurous, but unforgettable!

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The task was to make an image opening for potential and existing clients of the club, to recommend the complex as an infrastructure of sports and leisure and find own clients. We wanted to make this event really shocking and bright for residents and guests of Dnipro. And we did it.

We had only 1 month to prepare the project and 5 days to create a new secret location that not a single guest knew about.

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We came up with and implemented a special scratch card "42 steps on the way to yourself", on which every guest of the event could find himself and solve his internal barriers. Subsequently, we filmed videos about each step. Because HUMAN is not just about sports. This is about finding the best version of oneself, about discovering something new in oneself, about achieving goals and fulfilling desires.

During the advertising campaign of the event, we challenged the entire city. ARE YOU HUMAN? - we asked our guests. This is the verbal message with which we supported the positioning of the brand.

Registration for the opening of the sports complex "Human" took place exclusively online. All that the guests knew at that time was that they would see a new a fitness center. At first, we, the organizers, thought the same. But closer to the opening date, it became clear that we would not be able to open the complex.

It happens. There are so many variables in the life of an eventor, sometimes it turns out that we cannot carry out the opening of fitness space in the fitness space itself for technical reasons.But we decided not to panic, but to use it as an opportunity. Instead of canceling the event, we found a beautiful and unusual way out of the situation. On the opening day, the guests arrived at the declared address. Champagne and refreshments awaited everyone there, as well as tours around the halls.

Nobody suspected anything.

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But then the whole party began to wind up little by little. The guests were offered to move to a new, secret location.

We organized a motorcade and an auto convoy for 200 luxury cars, handed over flags and navigation. On the way to the new location of the holiday, there were also flags and signs that "led" the guests to the destination. It was a loft warehouse, where guests saw a buffet from the “Figaro” catering, animators, partner zones, photo zones and, of course, music. We certainly couldn't have hosted a party of this scale in a fitness space.

Nobody expected this! We rented a warehouse and made a cool festival-marathon zone out of it. It was there where the holiday took place, about which the Dnipro residents spoke for a long time.

In 5 days, we completely re-equipped the warehouse area for the event. We built and renovated toilets, made parking and dressing rooms, removed the warehouse and put in all the necessary lights.

We made a gift zone in the form of a lottery, in collaboration with the magazine “Cosmopolitan Ukraine” and TM “Morshynska”. We created children's zones, interactive playgrounds, VR games zones for children and adults, buffet lines in the loft format, as well as a cocktail menu from Vitalii Kononykin and Resto Bar Group. Vlad Karashchuk Trio (Kyiv city), CAPECOD feat Constantine (Kyiv city), DJ VIVA DIOR (Odesa city), INWIRES (Moscow city) were responsible for the sound of the evening. Back then they were young artists, today they are stars. Moscow presenter Alexei Shelest came to host the event.

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All the media in Dnipro spoke about this event and "Cosmopolitan Ukraine" wrote about it. The growth of clients was 20% higher than expected, and we concluded partnership agreements for solving marketing problems on a commercial basis with each partner of the event. For 3 days we sold more than 100 club cards and organized closed sales after. 4 years have passed, and people still talk about the opening of the HUMAN sports complex.

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