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About the project

In frames of this project, we completely changed the brand with 15 years of experience. Timeless classics have become contemporary, always relevant and interesting for the client. We combined refined minimalism and soft floral decorations. Jewelry poetics and modern visual presentation. We completely developed a new brand concept and strategy, positioning and service improvement program. KIMBERLI Jewelry House has become closer, clearer and more pleasant for perception. And most importantly, it expanded its audience without losing its meaning.

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Our client is a Jewelry House that started its work back in 2005. In their work, the craftsmen prefer diamonds from the Kimberley region of South Africa.

The main idea is to create jewelry that can become a heirloom, to create classics that will never lose their relevance; to create such jewelry that people want to keep and pass from generation to the generation. Its main specialization is jewelry with natural stones for women of any age. Our task was to change the vector of the company’s development, expand the client’s audience and make KIMBERLI more open, visually pleasing and attractive.

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We did comprehensive work with this client: from studying the market and marketing strategy to developing gifts for guests. We completely changed the "face" of the brand with 15 years of experience behind us.

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After the first meeting, we actively started to conduct market research, competitor analysis and research of consumer wants. We monitored, discussed, imagined, thought. This is how a complex marketing and content strategy was born, later we proceeded to positioning, and only then to visual element.

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KIMBERLI is a luxury Jewelry House. Handmade, natural gemstones, the possibility of making a product to order. There is everything necessary to become a leader in the segment. Our idea was based on it: providing a high level for everyone who is ready to afford it.

Strict lines and soft complementary features in the identity, accessible ease of presentation and high quality of brand. We wanted to create something completely new, but understandable for the client. We made it. The main audience of the brand before we met consisted of careerists and idealists. However, we managed to expand it by expanding collections, changing visual and verbal messages. Without loss of meanings, ideas and values.

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Modern style and distinctive features are the basis of our idea for this project. The logo is restrained, strict, subtle. Complementary features included soft lines of petals, delicate colors, smooth transitions. So, metaphorically, we conveyed the core of the character and the natural outer tenderness of each woman.

No unnecessary or insignificant details, no halftones or inappropriate sparkles. Everything has its own subtle meaning.

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We have developed a complete brand book: logo, corporate colors and components in visual element, landing banners, business cards and club cards, gift certificates, tags, boxes and bags for jewelry. We also developed a visual design of social networks in a single style: content, highlights, templates for stories and posts. Here we used brand-name petals, female body silhouettes and soft lines. Thus, we managed to reflect women’s freedom, grace and desirability.

In addition, we made a campaign “Zalezhni” (“Dependent”) for the KIMBERLI Jewelry House – an advertising campaign for women, about women and about the most important thing. Here we managed to reveal the main thing: value of a woman can be determined only by herself. We worked out service solutions in the form of gifts for guests, consolidated cooperation with the Tabletochki charitable foundation and created several collections.

Speaking of collections. Each of them has its own character and mood, own idea and philosophy. This is also visually reflected in the identity. Bright stones or delicate minimalistic jewelry. Strict geometry or gentle rounded shapes. Enchanting pendants or modest lavaliers – all this is visually reflected for each collection separately.

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Having studied and understood the audience of the brand, we decided to divide it into 5 prevailing co-brands. Atelier, New, Classic, Lite and Premium collections. Every woman can find her reflection in her collection, find her values ​​and meanings, define a way to express herself through the decoration of the Kimberli brand.

Each collection is identified by color grading and texture, separate packaging.

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The brand has become new in an integrated manner! It reflects the character of a modern woman, her mood, values ​​and self-love. It has become more meaningful, deeper, but at the same time, understandable for everyone. It carries the same values ​​– making jewelry for generations. However, now it is done with a new mood and in a new manner.

Jewelry is a mirror of the soul. Every woman can find herself and her values ​​in the KIMBERLI collections. The smoothness of the forms creates the space and air of the brand, its freedom and flexibility. The new identity reflects the essence of formation today and the relevance of the brand in the future. This means that the main goal of creating jewelry for the ages will remain!

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