Event-opening of a charismatic bar in the heart of Kyiv


Про проєкт

About the project

Kimberli bar is a combination of sophisticated aesthetics and profound meanings. A new charismatic and conceptual establishment, which has already become a must-visit location on the map of Kyiv. The opening event has become a special and unique event for the city and guests, where luxury, perfection and depth are intertwined

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# Presentation of a collection of jewellery, gastro and cocktail directions

# Informing the consumer about the establishment opening

# Maximum involvement and attraction of brand target audience

# Media coverage of the event

The invited guests included:

# Brand's VIP clients

# faces of the PR campaign

# bloggers / opinion leaders / trendsetters / influencers

# VIP consummation

# media

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The revitalized Arsenal plant is the heart of the capital. Historic site with a great history. The plant, which, following the results of the revitalization, has become the most discussed commercial facility in the capital. It was in this space that the unique Kimberli bar was born.

A space for manifestations of facets of art and aesthetics. A unique combination of formats: a showroom for jewellery and bar art. A location that brings out the passion for life and beauty in every visitor.

The main areas of the location:

# showroom of jewellery from KIMBERLI

# event space / event location

# modern cocktail bar

# location for manifestations of contemporary art

# author's exposition for the brand from Nikita Shalenny and other artists

The location operates in two formats. During the day, the space is open to art lovers, as expositions and art objects are permanent magnets of the establishment. Due to the uniqueness of the format and the author's interior, the bar has become a new “must see” tourist point on the map of Kyiv.

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The brand of the new metropolitan bar is a combination of sophisticated aesthetics and profound meanings. Therefore, we have laid rich and deep shades, elegant lines and modern minimalism as the basis of the visual identity. The result of the work was the creation of a corporate identity, brand book and a comprehensive communication strategy for the establishment.

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For Kimberli bar, we implemented the concept of unpacking and extended the history of the creation of the bar and its interior enhanced the “provocative moments”.

A few days before the event, influencers and famous Ukrainian artists received invitations from the bar in the form of a crystal gift with black sand, which reveals the concept and main message of the bar. Kimberli is a place where high gastronomy and exquisite jewellery are intertwined.

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There was a pause in the air... from the enjoyment of music, the viscous aftertaste of a cocktail and a hint of spiciness of an immersive show.

Minimalism of the interior, which emphasizes the luxury of decorations and “highlights” each guest.

Socialite party with a sense of taste and a sense of beauty. The opening event is a story about art, imagery of thinking and the discovery of a new format of metropolitan life.

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We have created conceptual and stylish decorations - massive golden candelabra, black flowerpots with flowers, cocktail tables.

For guests of the evening who wanted to take a photo, a spectacular photo zone was created in the form of a cube with four sides for photo shoots of guests and press occasions. The guests became the heroes of the big unpacking. After removing the paper from the cube, a beautiful jewellery box appeared in front of the guests.

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The key wow-moment of the evening was a unique auction, where we raffled off the most expensive cocktail in Europe worth UAH 400,000 for the guests of the evening. One of the guests received a long-awaited marriage proposal that evening. Events are all about love.

We reveal the secret recipe for the perfect cocktail: whiskey, apricot brandy, pineapple and yuza puree and the secret ingredient - a yellow diamond ring from Kimberli.

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This evening we organized for the guests:

‎# Degustation welcome from the bar

# ‎Presented the "chips" of the new bar space

# The headliner of the evening is Dasha Astafieva, an icon of style and female sexuality

# ‎Unique gifts for guests and presentation of new collections

# ‎Presentation of the most expensive cocktail in Europe

# ‎Non-standard screen solution in triptych format for brand presentation

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Event concept and organization - RGB Idea Group

Event headliner - Daria Astafieva

Decor – Bilberry creative

Welcome and immersive show - Piratcrew

Host - Vladimir Takudis

Live band - Gospel vibes

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