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About the project

"NEO PLAZA" is a fresh new format of the shopping and entertainment center in Dnipro. It is 24 700 m² of interactive entertainment, productive shopping, food courts and recreation areas for young people. Modern innovative architecture combined with an exclusive Cyber-style interior, open space for shopping, socializing and arts. Once upon a time it was an old shopping center "Materik". Today “NEO PLAZA” is a metropolis of entertainment and a space of new generation.

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After the first meeting with the client, it became clear at once that this place would be something completely unusual for the city. We wanted to completely renovate the building, give it a new life. We started with a marketing strategy, and in the course of our work became a full-fledged marketing department for outsourcing.

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We analyzed the audience within a radius — it is more than 100,000 students: hostels, several universities, sports sections. Young people need a modern, digitalized, interactive things. It should be a place where they can come without specific goals. For relaxing, getting acquainted, taking pictures.

Therefore, in RGB we came up with the idea of ​​making this shopping and entertainment center the place of the future. Space atmosphere, cinema, food, shopping and entertainment. The key message of the brand was built around the words “New entertainment opportunities”. And this is true: we wanted not just to make a large screen on the facade of the shopping and entertainment center, but we built the largest media facade in the city at that time — as much as 240 square meters!

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A client already came to us with a name and a logo, but during our joint work we restyled this logo and created a unified corporate identity.

The logo and corporate identity include neon shades, poisonous green and fuchsia, rainbow colors and contrasting lines. The unique style-forming elements resemble either escalators, or the directions of entrances and exits, or the connection of fiber-optic cables that encircle our world as in the movie "The Matrix". The interior navigation of the shopping and entertainment center is made in the same style. We created a new concept, added character.

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Big shopping and entertainment center should have a great opening! We organized and held an event in honor of the official opening and supported it with an advertising campaign. There were hundreds of neon lights, performances of Shadows Ballet, Ivan NAVI and Mozgi group, a competition with judge Oleksii Durniev, and also a drawing of a check for 50 000 UAH, a stage with the screen and thousands of satisfied guests.

RGB Idea Group created a media plan, engaged in filming and production of video for both internal screens and external media faсades, and even created a special branded jingle! Under this jingle, any Dnipro resident could shoot a video that he was going to the opening of the NEO PLAZA shopping and entertainment center, post it on his social networks and win an Iphone 11 PRO.

We gave this location a single meaning in everything: from content to social networks to the lively atmosphere inside. Our experts developed an effective SMM strategy, shot several advertisement videos, which have already become viral and popular among city residents.

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Today "NEO PLAZA" is a bright magnet and any shopping and entertainment center for Dnipro youth. The largest faсade screen in Ukraine regularly serves as a screen for a free car cinema, stormtroopers continue to meet guests with a formed by them "live corridor" at the entrance, and there was a huge cyber New Year tree in the center of the first floor specially for the New Year holidays. The format of the new generation of the shopping and entertainment complex was appreciated not only by residents of Dnipro city! The expert jury of the national award in the field of real estate CP AWARDS 2020 recognized the Dnipro "NEO PLAZA" shopping and entertainment center as the best small retail facility in 2020.

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