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About the project

Our client is the Mon Ami family confectionery, which produces premium sweets — French macarons made from almond flour, as well as selected and unusual ingredients: Chinese white tea Moli cha Wang, Madagascar vanilla, Spanish almonds, several types of tea rose petals, Belgian chocolate and much more.

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In frames of this project we became a full-fledged "turnkey" marketing agency.We got the brand already with experience: the company had been working on the market for several years under the name “Les macarons pour mon ami”. And we were faced with the task of expanding boundaries: to grow a brand from a small family confectionery to the world wide chain.

In order for the company to reach a new level and provide quality growth on the Ukrainian market and beyond, it is not enough just to update the visual - we needed to completely change the meaning and key message of the brand.

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We started with a marketing strategy. Since the brand was sold only online, the first logical thing to do is open physical points of sale. However, it was at this time that quarantine began, institutions were going through a crisis and, on the contrary, were closed. Therefore, we focused on delivery and chose to position ourselves as macarons delivery. We branded delivery vehicles and launched an advertising campaign in support. Branded cars with our design are still driving around the city and delivering French sweets to satisfied customers.

At this moment, we built a brand around the message that the delivery of pasta Mon Ami is “Sweet Emotion Delivery”.

At this time, we actively helped the client to choose places for retail outlets, to prepare them for opening. In the course of our research, it turned out that French macarons are more often bought for gifts than at home for tea. This is how the key message was born: “Mon Ami is the most beautiful gift”. This message is also good because it can be easily transformed for any occasion.

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We have reduced the name to the laconic and understandable to the Ukrainian eye “Mon Ami”, made the logo more modern and refreshed the branding.

In the logo and identity, we have retained thin minimalistic lines, noble gilding with a French character and austere font, but removed small details and curls.

We wanted to keep the idea that Mon Ami is a symbiosis of exactingness to every process in production, the French charm of the brand and the high quality of the products in the composition.

We have developed 6 new series of packages: men's, women's, children's, New Year's, and festive. We made a complete brand book and a guideline. We made original prints and created a new corporate identity, brought out corporate color palettes. In this unified style, we branded everything from business cards and gift certificates to city lights and billboards, from delivery vehicles to sellers’ aprons, from cardboard boxes to silk ribbons with which they are tied.

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We have already launched several advertising campaigns for Mon Ami. Firstly, we organized and supported with advertising the opening of physical points of sale in Most City, Caravan and Cascada Plaza. Secondly, we came up with and implemented advertising campaigns for the key holidays for the brand: a beautiful New Year campaign with key message "The best present from you”, romantic campaign dedicated to Saint Valentine's Day “Mon ami is sweeter than kisses”, floral spring campaign dedicated to International Women’s Day (March 8) “The best present for her”

...and many others. We shot a series of product videos, a bright production video, and used motion design and graphics....and many others. We shot a series of product videos, a bright production video, and used motion design and graphics. For this client, we developed corporate gifts: macarons turned out to be a great gift not only for loved ones and friends, but also for colleagues.

In addition, we worked out the event direction. Now "sweet" events of "Mon Ami" are held on a regular basis. These are outdoor parties with a buffet zone, and children's parties, and serving tables at celebrations, and master classes.

Our team is engaged in the complete making of content of the brand: SMM, content marketing, video production. In 2020, we held a bright photo session in Goodzone with Yevheniia Nikulina and other bloggers. We are still engaged in collaborations with influencers and brands. Since the positioning of sweets is premium, the accompanying brands are premium: GoodZone, СULT Fashion Group and the Human fitness space.

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“Mon Ami” for Dnipro is more than just a dessert.

This is a bright lovemark.

This is a brand that is loved. For character, mood, loyalty and honesty.

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