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About the project

MOVA is Ukrainian craft beer. Own production in Dnipro, a mixture of history, experience and culture of brewing. They honor and cultivate classics in production, but are not afraid of original experiments.

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The RGB Idea Group team was integrated into all internal processes during a year: we helped both with the creation of the product and with its promotion.We did branding, positioning, came up with a slogan, wrote a brand legend and developed a corporate identity. We helped to launch an own website, social networks and the first advertising campaign.

Just in 2020 the guys brewed 14 completely new varieties, expanded their plant to 3000 m², launched MOVA BAR on the eve of quarantine, and do not stop there.

Anyway, 2020 has become a fateful and productive year for this business. In addition to the above, the guys joined one of the largest social initiatives of the brewers Brew Gooder Global Gathering. The money collected by the global beer community went to charity in different directions. One of them is training of 60 medical workers in preventing COVID-19 and cholera.

And also, in 2020, MOVA took bronze at the Barcelona Beer Fest. And this is an indescribable pride for the Ukrainian manufacturer! And our clients.

MOVA beer has been on the Ukrainian market since 2017. But in 2020 they decided to extend the boundaries, improve and conquer new horizons. Therefore, we helped them become louder, brighter, more noticeable. And yes, now you can find the bottles of craft Dnipro beer on the shelves of Silpo and Varus stores. When you see it, recall us.

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The name MOVA was provided by the customer.The positioning brewing co was developed by us. In this way we presented the brand as a symbiosis of brewing history, experience and culture. As something more than just a brewery or just a beer brand. Together we created a living history of Ukrainian craft, which makes you want to share.

The slogan is “Drink it, feel it, say it”. Vivid call-to-action stimulates sales by interacting with the emotions and feelings of the consumer. We can be different. But we speak the Mova language.

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The logo contains hops — the basis of brewing, a symbol of fertility, development, growth. In this way we tell the consumer that beer is created from natural products. With this symbol we expressed traditions, a mixture of history, experience and culture of brewing that the MOVA brewers observe. But hops are minimalistic, symbolic, modern. It shows the striving for innovation, versatility, variety of tastes.

Pattern — Morse code. It is one of the few unified and universal languages ​​in the world, and we are the first to use it in branding. The symbols m, o, v, a are encrypted in this pattern, namely the name of the brand.

In general, our case is pride. We put the maximum values, culture, traditions and principles of the company into this identity and positioning. Today the guys also have a cool merchandise: T-shirts, bags, beer accessories. The slogan really “talks” to the audience. And packaging attracts attention on store shelves.

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Remember when we said the guys brewed 14 new beer varieties? We tasted them all in order to assign each variety its own unique label and its own unique name. Every month of the year a new type of beer was released with unique flavor combinations.

For example, MOVA Blanche du Melon is a light wheat beer with fruity notes, which we packed with a bright summer label of turquoise color. And there is light, floral, slightly bitter MOVA Spring ESB, which we packed with a stylish dark gray label with a coal-black floral print. Candy English pale ale MOVA Candy is distinguished from others by its light orange label with depicted lollipop. And the dark MOVA Stout got a white noble label, quite the opposite. Even if you don’t want to collect these bottles, you will definitely want to try everything!

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