Twinset is show of the collection of the Italian Twinset boutique “Trilogy of feelings”


Про проєкт

About the project

Italian TWINSET boutique is a brand founded in 1987 by designer Simona Barbieri. Clothes of this brand are preferred in Europe and the USA by ladies of all ages. A woman in the TWINSET style is gentle and extremely cute; however, she is not devoid of audacity and temperament. In October 2019, our team became the organizer and inspirer of the show of the new autumn-winter 2019/20120 collection at the Cascade Plaza business center.

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# Presentation and promotion of the Twinset brand in the city of Dnipro

# Image show of the fall winter 2019-2020 collection

# Informing the consumer about the official representation of the Twinset brand

# Maximum involvement and attraction of brand target audience

# Media coverage of the event

Among the invited guests (more than 1000 people) are Symbol clients, Twinset clients, trendsetters and bloggers, business and other elite, media of the city of Dnipro.

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Let’s imagine an unfinished loft in the style of Brooklyn events with huge panoramic windows. It was this space that became the venue for the Twinset show. The exclusive location developed by our team for private events in 2018 has become the undeniable and most discussed wow effect for more than 300 guests of a large-scale fashion event in Dnipro. Another extraordinary decision was the development of a podium that we built from scaffolding.

Among the accents on the location, we paid special attention to the location of the screens. Vertical stripes of screens, located around the entire perimeter of the screen, have become a metaphor for portraits. From these screens, three image characters of the brand images - a little girl, a young girl and a woman literally addressed the guest.

For all guests, the evening began luxuriously and excitingly. Immersive opening with the involvement of the actors and animation staff of the ballet Shadows, who acted as guides for guests around the location of the event. The space was built in such a way that each time the models start their journey from different parts of the hall.

The space was divided into 4 conditional zones. The below-mentioned areas welcomed the guests:

# Tactile area — a zone with a dance behind the fabric

# Lounge area with a bar — (serving set — white drink + black snack, lips-shaped sweets as an underline of the individuality of brand mannequins, show kitchen elements — cream with fruit in nitrogen)

# “Brand history” area — a projection on the wall with the voice and nostalgic images of the brand

# Actor's area “Generation of the brand”, where grandmother, daughter and granddaughter are dressed in Twinset

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We have made a metaphorical comparison between a brand and the associations it evokes in consumers. The Twinset brand is the trendsetter of fundamental basic fashion. It is a lifestyle, everyday life, in which we limit ourselves, but we can allow ourselves a flight of fancy.

We played an immersive cast play called “Twinset Intonation” at the Shevchenko Theatre. This play is about meanings, facets, the mood of women, the philosophy and history of the brand. The main characters are the audience. We let them come up with their own meanings and discover their sense of the brand this evening. We played a game with the audience, captivating them with storylines.

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The main accents in the decor are elements that reveal the message and philosophy of the brand. We used cages, birds, candles, heavy smoke and cloth. Black cages from which a flock of birds flies out. Sophistication and grace, birds with a wide wingspan as a symbol of a wide range of the brand.

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Throughout the evening, the guests were surprised by their conceptual performances and the immersive ballet show Shadows.

Another surprise for all the guests was the appearance of Tayanna on the stage with the song “Fantastic Zhіnka”, which became the unspoken anthem of strong Ukrainian women.

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Leading entertainer - Andrey Karpenko

Immersive show - Shadows ballet

Buffet reception – Figaro catering

Musical accompaniment - 150 Krasnogo, Symphony orchestra, Conductor of the conservatory, Instrumental group of the conservatory

Stage director: Tatyana Bogoslavskaya-Orel

Choreographer: Vasily Katolik

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